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Part 19: Leibniz the Optimist

My latest video (released totally out of order and not intended to necessarily be watched in order) is titled: Leibniz the Optimist. It covers Leibniz’s posthumous attacks by Voltaire in the Candide, but looked at from a wider historical perceptive. This wider perspective gets into Newton’s personal religious views and how they influenced his war […]


New Secret History Video: Part 22 (“This is Kurt Gödel”)

Part 22 is here! Ok, I previously have only released parts 1-3, 28…and now 22. As you can see they are completely out of order. But this is OK. Gary Geck videos are designed so that you don’t necessarily have to watch them in order. Afterall, the way the mind seems to work involves getting […]


Kurt Gödel: Modern Development of the Foundations Of Mathematics In Light Of Philosophy (Now complete!)

I have completed this 25 minute lecture with words written by Kurt Gödel (but never delivered) with my animations and slides. It can now be delivered to the world. And for those who find the music distracting, I have posted a version without music (but otherwise identical) here. If you want more info on Kurt […]


New Podcast: A full reading of a Kurt Gödel lecture!

Kurt Gödel has been called the greatest logician since Aristotle and A Genius at odds with the Zietgeist.  I have just released an mp3 of my reading of his 1961 (undelivered) lecture titled, “The Modern Development Of The Foundations Of Mathematics In The Light Of Philosophy”. You can the link to open it in iTunes, […]


Some Really Bad Jokes I Wrote…

Some really horrible jokes I’ve written (be warned they are terrible). If you want to hire me, I do weddings and Bah-Mitzvahs:

Q. Why didn’t the teenage Bald Eagle need a chaperone on his date?