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The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 tweet about singer Jamey Johnson…Mickie James in the middle?

Earlier this week, Mickie James tweeted (garnering herself heat in the TNA Knockout locker room): “Finally getting a chance to catch up on @TheRock’s charismatic return… Literally got chills… & remembered why I do… What I do!“ The Rock, a huge fan of James retweeted her back: “Thank u MJ..we’re blessed to be able to […]


The Rock returns on RAW! last night (02/14/11)

If ya Smelllllalalallala what the Rock is cooking? It makes one ask…how will this evolve? Will this some how bring in Country Singer Jamey Johnson, and Mickie James…will Stone Cold Steve Austin get involved?


Post: On Bryan Danielson’s Firing, Morishima

When the WWE fired Daniel Bryan (AKA Bryan Danielson), many on the internet proclaimed “it’s a worked shoot”.  But the WWE is a publicly traded company.  Something as serious as announcing a firing could have implications to the company’s shares.  The WWE would never have a worked storyline infringe on this.  Even when they “killed” […]