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At long last, Part 3 (of 42) is Here!

After months, Part 3 of my 42 part video series (revealing the mysteries of the universe) has finally been posted! …part 3 finally gets into the mind blowing mathematics mathematics of the meaning of life…and Grover from sesame street even shows up to help us count to infinity! As always it has HD 1080 viewing […]


The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 tweet about singer Jamey Johnson…Mickie James in the middle?

Earlier this week, Mickie James tweeted (garnering herself heat in the TNA Knockout locker room): “Finally getting a chance to catch up on @TheRock’s charismatic return… Literally got chills… & remembered why I do… What I do!“ The Rock, a huge fan of James retweeted her back: “Thank u MJ..we’re blessed to be able to […]


The Rock returns on RAW! last night (02/14/11)

If ya Smelllllalalallala what the Rock is cooking? It makes one ask…how will this evolve? Will this some how bring in Country Singer Jamey Johnson, and Mickie James…will Stone Cold Steve Austin get involved?


Overview/Trailer Video released!

Check out the new official Teaser Trailer and overview of the 42-part Secret History Video Series:


Part 2 is Here!

Here it is…part 2 of my 42 part series revealing the mysteries of the universe. Remember to watch it in HD (Closed Captioning also available!). This part gets into the philosophical implications of Cantor’s ideas. Plato, Aristotle, the Many and the One all come up! Stay tuned for part 3 where i begin to finally […]


Part 1 is Here! First ‘Secret History’ Video Released!

OK, here it is. Part 1 of 42 of my YouTube series revealing the meaning of life! Part 1 introduces mathematician Georg Cantor as well as the story to come and a fascinating note on Abraham Robinson and some ‘forbidden knowledge’ your calculus teacher probably doesn’t even know: Be sure to bump it up to […]


New Advert

What do you guys think of this new Advert for ?

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thumbnail is now on FaceBook!

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Some testimonials are in!

“… another self-filled idiot on facebook, ref’ing himself on his twitter account and with only one facebook friend, himself. hopefully he’ll roll over in his sleep and strangle himself on his kabbala wristband, thus finding out the true meaning of the universe”


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Posted some of my old 3D animations from the late 90s

I uploaded some old 3D animations I made in the late 90s.  Most of the old videos and artwork I made back then is lost from hard drive crashes. The music is all Aphex Twin (part 1 uses Polynomial C and part 2 uses Flim). Part 1: Part 2: These videos bring me back to […]


Books Section Launched!

I have now added a books section to this site.  Check it out from the main menu above or just got to it now! It includes must read books to get up to speed on the mysteries of the Universe…


Grand Opening of!!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to  I will be revealing the secrets of the universe on this site so please come back often.  Here, you will find podcasts, videos, articles and more.  I’m your host, Gary Geck, just a normal guy… You might be asking: Gary Geck, what is the meaning of life? Is there […]