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Post: On Bryan Danielson’s Firing, Morishima

When the WWE fired Daniel Bryan (AKA Bryan Danielson), many on the internet proclaimed “it’s a worked shoot”.  But the WWE is a publicly traded company.  Something as serious as announcing a firing could have implications to the company’s shares.  The WWE would never have a worked storyline infringe on this.  Even when they “killed” […]


On Taking Oneself Too Seriously…

As I study history, it becomes apparent that progress has a regressive tailwind. Just as melted candle wax quickly solidifies; the flash of genius-when it pauses for a mere instant-turns into stifling axioms and appeals to authority. The genius that I am hinting at does not dwell in words.  Especially not in the words of […]


Grand Opening of!!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to  I will be revealing the secrets of the universe on this site so please come back often.  Here, you will find podcasts, videos, articles and more.  I’m your host, Gary Geck, just a normal guy… You might be asking: Gary Geck, what is the meaning of life? Is there […]