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Some Really Bad Jokes I Wrote…

Some really horrible jokes I’ve written (be warned they are terrible). If you want to hire me, I do weddings and Bah-Mitzvahs:

Q. Why didn’t the teenage Bald Eagle need a chaperone on his date?


New Advert

What do you guys think of this new Advert for ?

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Some testimonials are in!

“… another self-filled idiot on facebook, ref’ing himself on his twitter account and with only one facebook friend, himself. hopefully he’ll roll over in his sleep and strangle himself on his kabbala wristband, thus finding out the true meaning of the universe”


An Open Letter to the British

Someone sent me this great piece (“John Cleese’s Open Letter to Americans”). I love it and it’s very well written.  But we Americans are an easy target…I would like to issue an open letter to the British [and yes I know it wasn’t really John Cleese’s work but it’s attributed to him mythologically.  It does […]