Some testimonials are in!

Posted by Gary Geck on August 6th, 2010

Well, is starting to generate some buzz.  The following all are real testimonials about

“… another self-filled idiot on facebook, ref’ing himself on his twitter account and with only one facebook friend, himself. hopefully he’ll roll over in his sleep and strangle himself on his kabbala wristband, thus finding out the true meaning of the universe”

“Gary Geck is at the very least a crook and a swindler and at most a charlatan and a stooge.”

“Gary Geck is a ******** ****.”

“Had Gary Geck been invited to the chocolate factory, he would have stolen fizzy lifting drinks. This is because he is a pilferer.”

“I would like to say that Gary Geck thinks he knows the meaning of life, but to say he thinks at all is giving him too much credit…he’s a ****!”

…more to come!

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