Post: On Bryan Danielson’s Firing, Morishima

Posted by Gary Geck on June 29th, 2010

When the WWE fired Daniel Bryan (AKA Bryan Danielson), many on the internet proclaimed “it’s a worked shoot”.  But the WWE is a publicly traded company.  Something as serious as announcing a firing could have implications to the company’s shares.  The WWE would never have a worked storyline infringe on this.  Even when they “killed” Vince McMahon, they went out of their way to make it clear to shareholders that it was only storyline.

But I don’t think that Vince and company really were all that angry with Danielson.  It was all politics with Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign (which is the main reason they abruptly switched from Mature to PG content in the first place). He was just doing his job and I can tell he’s on board with the WWE in spirit.  I think he’ll be back and if he is, I might actually watch the WWE for more than 10 minutes every Monday before switching over to my recorded ROH or TNA shows.

On the subject of Danielson, he really is one of the best in the world.  His matches against Morishima Takeshi are among the greatest matches in wrestling history.  They are about as legit as they come.  Danielson was seriously injured in almost all of these bouts.  In the one below he had his eye socket broken among other injuries. After the match, his eyeball was pointing upward and he needed surgery before he could gain control of it again.

Part II (wow!)

Part III (amazing)

The difference between Morishima and other wrestlers is that Morishima will kill you:

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