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Georg Cantor and A. Robinson Related
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Leibniz Library
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Required Reading:

These are some essential books and papers to quickly get up to speed on understanding the Mysteries of the Universe.  I would consider these absolute must reading for the scholar, mystic, empiricist, atheist, theist, normal gal/guy or whoever you are as long as you are seeking a better understanding of the Universe.  These works highlight very uncommon knowledge and history.

  • Mathematics and the Divine by Teun Koetsier and Luc Bergmans (2005)


  • Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition by Glenn Alexander Magee (2001, 2008)


  • Reflections on Kurt Gödel by Hao Wang (1987, 1995)


  • The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus by Florian Ebeling, David Lorton, and Jan Assmann (2005, 2007)


  • 100 years of Russell’s Paradox edited by Godehard Link
  • Still a Kid at Heart by Gary Carter, Phil Pepe (2008)

Georg Cantor and A. Robinson related:


  • Abraham Robinson: A Personal and Mathematical Odyssey by Joseph W. Dauben


  • Georg Cantor: His Mathematics and Philosophy of the Infinite by Joseph W. Dauben


Also Recommended (for the specialist at least):

These works are also highly recommended but may be of more interest to the specialist.  Still I list them as works to read after you are done with the list above.  And who knows you might enjoy these even more depending on what you are looking for.

  • The Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth: A Demotic Discourse on Knowledge and Pendant to the Classical Hermetica by Richard Jasnow, Karl Th. Zauzich (2005)


  • Kurt Gödel: Unpublished Philosophical Essays by Kurt Gödel, Francisco A. Rodriguez-Consuegra (1995)


  • Mysticism and Philosophy by W.T. Stace, The classic work which has been used since as the definitive work on mysticism from a scholarly perspective:


Leibniz Library:

These are some works dedicated to the study of Leibniz that I highly recommend.

  • Leibniz and the Kabbalah by A.P. Coudert (1995, 2009)


  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Philosophical Papers by G.W. Leibniz and L.E. Loemker (1956, 1975)


  • The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque by Gilles Deleuze (1988, 1994)

Also Interesting:

Books I have also found fascinating, if either for their content or their historical importance.

  • Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler (1918, 2006)


  • Deciphering the Cosmic Number by Arthur I. Miller (2009)


  • Mankind: Have a Nice Day by Mick Foley (1999)