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Kurt Gödel:The Modern Development Of The Foundations Of Mathematics In The Light Of Philosophy (Download mp3) – A reading by Gary Geck of the entire (undelivered) lecture. NEW! YouTube video version: (Entire 25 min lecture).

Leibniz’s Monadology – A reading I recorded, work in progress:
-Prefatory Note [download mp3]
-Leibniz’s Monadology [download mp3]

Secret History with Gary Geck (Audio only version, for video version click here):
-Part 1: Georg Cantor’s Mystical Philosophy [download mp3]
-Part 2: Cantor, Plato, the Many and the One… [download mp3]
-Part 3: Getting into the Mathematics…finally! [download mp3]

-more coming soon!

Also Recommended (not associated in any way with GaryGeck.com):

  • Reflections on Gödel (mp3 | iTunes Link) Part of the Williams Lecture series at the University of Pennsylvania by Dr. Gerald Sacks who knew Gödel. This is the best non-technical lecture on Gödel I have ever heard.
  • Kurt Gödel and the limits of mathematics ( mp3 | Web Link) This is a discussion of Kurt Gödel on The Philosopher’s Zone Podcast.  A good introductory mp3 for listeners about Gödel.
  • Philosophy at Bristol: Lecture on Georg Cantor (mp3 | Web Link | iTunes Link) This is a great talk by Philosopher Leon Horsten.  He touches on a lot of the same areas as the first 7 videos of my Secret History video series on Georg Cantor’s philosophy.
  • The Philosopher’s Zone: Robert M. Wallace on Hegel’s Philosophy of God and the Infinite (mp3 | Web Link | iTunes Link) Great podcast that pretty much reveals the shocking truth I keep building a stronger and stronger case for in my videos and articles concerning how anti-historical forces aimed to obfuscate the accurate history that mysticism plays a central role in the history of ideas including philosophy and that much of the groundwork has already been laid out, but forgotten…
  • The Life of Apollonius of Tyana by Flavius Philostratus (Web Link | Subscribe in iTunes)
    This work is at the same time, a rare glimpse into long lost ancient wisdom and history, and propaganda by the sophist Philostratus.  Careful scholarship can extract the former from the latter.  Success in doing so unveils a treasure trove of lost Pythagorean knowledge.
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of History by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Web Link | Subscribe in iTunes)
    I would recommend Hegel’s Lectures on the History of Philosophy as the best way to break into Hegel studies.  That is not available in audio form presently.  Still this work will be useful most to those with some background in either Hegel or various forms of Western Mysticism.
  • Phaedrus by Plato and translated by the Englishman, Benjamin Jowett (Web Link | Subscribe in iTunes)
    I wish that the Philebus was available on iTunes.  It is not.  But the Phaedrus is still a solid dialogue.  While I really wish that the English speaking world was familiar with more translations than Jowett’s, he was still good at what he did. I personally like to read the Bohn’s Classical Library version for a literal translation, then a Thomas Taylor version for mystical speculation, then perhaps the Jowett version to see what everyone else sees and to gain from Jowett’s mastery of didactics.
  • Partially Examined Life (Leibniz episode) (Web Link | All Episodes | mp3 file)
    Other than Gary Geck, this is one of only a handful other English-language Leibniz recordings.  This podcast, in general, is also recommended as they discuss a different philosopher on each episode.  A rare gem on iTunes.