Secret History Videos

NOTE: All videos support both 1080p HD and Closed Captioning (which can be translated into almost any popular language). Audio-only (mp3) versions are available for listening on your iPod (or better yet iPod competitor since Apple is evil) here.

Part 1 of 42: Part 1 introduces mathematician Georg Cantor as well as the story to come and a fascinating note on Abraham Robinson and some ‘forbidden knowledge’ your calculus teacher probably doesn’t even know:


Part 2 of 42: Cantor, Plato, the Many and the One.


Part 3 of 42: Getting into the Mathematics…finally!


Part 19: Leibniz the Optimist


Part 22 of 42: This is Kurt Gödel

Introduces Dr. Gödel and explores his work and philosophy..


Part 28 of 42: Kurt Gödel: Modern Development of the Foundations Of Mathematics In Light Of Philosophy

When Albert Einstein said he attended Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study just to have lunchtime talks with Kurt Gödel, he was not exaggerating. This video presents a rare look into those very personal philosophical views Gödel held.
For a version without music (but otherwise the same) for those who find the music distracting, click here.


Overview and Trailer for all 42 videos


More coming soon!