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“… another self-filled idiot on facebook, ref’ing himself on his twitter account and with only one facebook friend, himself. hopefully he’ll roll over in his sleep and strangle himself on his kabbala wristband, thus finding out the true meaning of the universe”


An Open Letter to the British

Someone sent me this great piece (“John Cleese’s Open Letter to Americans”). I love it and it’s very well written.  But we Americans are an easy target…I would like to issue an open letter to the British [and yes I know it wasn’t really John Cleese’s work but it’s attributed to him mythologically.  It does […]

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I uploaded some old 3D animations I made in the late 90s.  Most of the old videos and artwork I made back then is lost from hard drive crashes. The music is all Aphex Twin (part 1 uses Polynomial C and part 2 uses Flim).

Part 1:

Part 2:

These videos bring me back to my early college years…ah the nostalgia…most of this was done on a 300 mHz Pentium II with 32 mb RAM and a 4 Gig hard drive (at the time seemed really powerful) but some of the older stuff was on a 166 mHz, 16 mb Ram machine haha.

Unfortunately a few consecutive hard drives crashes wiped out most of my old work, but i was just a college student too poor to invest in a CD-Burner.  Some of it only remains in my memory…how much of the data alive today will be around in another 10-15 years?

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It includes must read books to get up to speed on the mysteries of the Universe…


Post: On Bryan Danielson’s Firing, Morishima

When the WWE fired Daniel Bryan (AKA Bryan Danielson), many on the internet proclaimed “it’s a worked shoot”.  But the WWE is a publicly traded company.  Something as serious as announcing a firing could have implications to the company’s shares.  The WWE would never have a worked storyline infringe on this.  Even when they “killed” […]


On Taking Oneself Too Seriously…

As I study history, it becomes apparent that progress has a regressive tailwind. Just as melted candle wax quickly solidifies; the flash of genius-when it pauses for a mere instant-turns into stifling axioms and appeals to authority. The genius that I am hinting at does not dwell in words.  Especially not in the words of […]

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